685 Florida

Sales Prices $2,300,000 & $2,550,000

Energy-aware and resilient, Sol Lux Alpha responds to its micro-climate with a sensitivity and ingenuity never before seen in the country. In a geography infamous for its housing demand and limited resources, Sol Lux Alpha establishes a new paradigm in residential construction.


The first multi-unit residence in the country to combine Passive House and nanogrid technology, Sol Lux Alpha intricately weaves together the best sustainable practices in architecture, engineering, technology and construction for a uniquely carbon neutral lifestyle. 


Now you can live sustainably and in luxury.

Passive House Certification


Scientifically tuned to a specific climate by precise modeling and thoughtfully controlling insulation, thermal breaks and ventilation. A Passive House optimizes efficiency, acoustics and indoor air quality.


Through the application of energy modeling and mindful construction practices, Passive Houses apply "thermal breaks” between a building’s interior and the outside elements, preventing traditional heat loss due to air-infiltration and thermal bridges. Virtually airtight, efficiently-sealed walls, doors and windows paired with highly-insulated walls and effective ventilation reduce energy use for heating and cooling. And in many cases, affords the ability to harness onsite energy in excess of the home's demand. 

  • Offers 80-90% less energy for heating & cooling 

  • Reduction of thermal bridging for a continuous envelope

  • Balanced air flow creates a consistent interior environment

  • 100% LED lighting throughout further reduces energy use

  • Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) in each unit creates healthy air quality and retains thermal energy.

  • Ultra-high efficiency CO2 heat pump water heater

  • Energy Star certified Bosch appliances 

  • Electronically operated window shades to regulate solar gain


A net-positive energy building, simply generates more energy than it uses. The "Nanogrid" allows the home to work independently from the city’s electrical infrastructure because of its ability to produce, store, and use that excess energy, with or without the local grid.


​Sol Lux Alpha is projected to be net-positive energy building by means of it's sophisticated and highly efficient building systems, and very robust PV generation. With the excess generated energy, each unit can charge an electric vehicle, or export excess electricity to the grid for net energy metering credits, or revenue.

  • ​Locally sourced SunPreme bi-facial BIPV solar panels

  • 3 Tesla Powerwall batteries per unit for individual storage

  • Blue Planet Energy "Blue Ion" batteries for common areas

  • Electric vehicle charger ready

  • Energy back to city infrastructure capable

  • Smart energy monitoring and control technology

There’s no reason that good design can’t be good for the environment too. Forged at the intersection of luxury and eco-friendly living, each unit mirrors the next in sustainable synchronicity. All four units offer an open floorplan with optimal natural light and a spacious master suite equipped with a spa-like master bathroom and a duo of walk-in closets. Appointed with a formal foyer, two generous guest bedrooms, adjacent bathroom, in-unit laundry, and direct elevator access to shared roof deck, thoughtfully sourced materials have been hand-selected to provide sustainable alternatives without compromising comfort.